This assignment will be focused on reflective learning throughout academic development module. It will evaluate personnel and learning development by using one reflective cycle. It will also conclude by making suggestions for present and future practice based on reflection.

Reflection is the process through which you look at yourself and your practice objectively. It is the way you integrate theory and practice, and the way you grow and mature as professional and a person. Reflection is not a process that you do just once -from now on it needs to become an active and ongoing part of life. Reflection is about gaining confidence, learning from mistakes, being self-aware. (Sivier, 2004)

Gibbs' (1998) mode of reflection will be used for reflecting learning. There are six stages of reflection cycle which are description, feelings, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, action plan. This cycle is ongoing stages of reflection.

Description and feeling stage of reflection were used. I studied back to my country so I had not had any education in United Kingdom.   At the same time , being in nursing profession I need to gain knowledge and skill in this field in order to provide safe and effective nursing care to public. Thus, I joined Academic module which is totally new syllabus for me. Because of different educational background and one of my colleagues mentioned about this
course will be harder that made me feel stress. Thinking whether I will pass,

how teacher teaches us, what will be learning environment   in one hand and another hand I felt motivated to gain qualification for further study.

The next stage of this cycle is evaluation and analysis. This will be focused about my stress and motivation.   People struggle with many stresses everyday. Most stresses come and go without leaving any enduring imprint. Stress makes life challenging and interesting. Stress often triggers emotional reaction -anger, fear and sadness. In the time of stress, emotions are not...