Upon the completion of a course, or any milestone in life, a certain level of introspection is required to gauge if personal expectations or goals were achieved.   This relates to this Marketing course because the end is here, and it is time to reflect on the past ten weeks.   Throughout this paper two points will be discussed: The key concepts that made me a stronger candidate to enter the business world and how this course has affected my professional development as a student as well as encouraging me on my academic path.
It is necessary to commence this essay stating my career goals.   I am not a Marketing major and am enrolled in a business degree program in order to gain sufficient knowledge to one day inherit my family businesses and to start my own business.   After graduation from Kaplan, my next step is the Chiropractic Physician program in Bridgeport, Connecticut.   However, I am in the process of starting a school to train and license certified nurse’s aides in New York State, therefore particular knowledge gained in this course was beneficial to me.
The key concepts that made me a stronger candidate to enter the business world were the different pricing strategies and the segment on Jordan’s furniture, which really opened my eyes to see a new potential for businesses.   My mother has a daycare and my father owns several 99cent stores.   Business is in my blood, which is why I am eager to open my school and once I complete the Chiropractic Physician program, open my private practice.   Studying which type of pricing to employ is imperative because price is an important variable that will either lure or repel customers.
In regards to pricing, schools are a very competitive business.   There are some schools which offer the same programs I will be offering, but these competitors are not in any surrounding neighborhoods.   In addition to that, these schools charge over a thousand dollars for tuition, and the duration of their courses is three to four months....