Reflective account

This essay will outline and analyse the learning taken place from the module ‘preparing to teach’. Although the module has been covered in few weeks, the information has developed skills, ideas, assessment techniques and teaching methods that could possibly be used. The learning from this module has provided me with the opportunity to trial different teaching and learning techniques and reflect up on those that are successful and others that need improving. There will be relevant links to practice observed whilst being in placement and links to theory.

My role within my department is equal to the other teachers; I have been given access to the same resources. Since I have started my mentor has devised a time table with myself involved, she has ensured I have sufficient teaching hours during a week. Before the time table was agreed she asked me regarding the units I would want to teach, this made me feel valued and part of the team. Within the school I am recognised, I have been part of collaborative meetings, open days and lunch time focus groups.

It is highly important to have a clear plan and structure (before teaching) of what you are trying to achieve before starting a lesson. Therefore, clearly thought out learning objectives and outcomes for students are crucial if learning is to take place. I agree with Haydn et al who suggests.
'What you are trying to do, what is the purpose of the lesson, why are you doing this' (1997:29).
Reflecting back to the times I have been teaching and observing I have found a well planned lesson instils confidence in a teacher and the students reap the rewards. The plan ensures all learning objectives are achieved and the outcomes are being met. According to the Qualifications and Curriculum development agency (QCDA)
‘it is based on the idea that pupils will improve most if they understand the aim of their learning, where they are in relation to this aim and how they can achieve the aim’...