What Happened

I was watching a news report on TV and one of the headlines was that the police had stopped a gang from committing a massive online banking fraud.   The report seemed to suggest that criminal gangs had designed complex electronic methods in order to get the bank details of individuals and then empty their accounts.

      We can easily forgive a child whom is frightened of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.


I often use the internet to do online shopping and I often enter either my debit or credit card details, I also fully understand computer spyware considerations and recognise the necessity of protecting computers with anti virus software and firewalls.   Some people do not understand the safeguards that can be put into place when using a computer and a majority of these people believe that their bank accounts will be instantly emptied by waiting criminals if they enter their credit or debit card details into a web browser.   This is not true and with the correct safeguards internet shopping can be very rewarding.

Action Points

I decided to write a course that covered safe online shopping and security.   I approached my manager and explained my idea, he seemed very interested and asked me to get some bullet points together highlighting the topics that the course would cover, we decided that the course should cover some basic maintenance as this would get clients interested in more technical courses and could provide a relevant progression route.   The course would have to be a minimum 30 hours (for funding purposes) and would have to cover all aspects of computer security from encryption systems to virus detection and prevention.   The course would teach users how to prevent malware and virus programs running or installing on their computer systems and it would also educate people on the risks and advantages of internet shopping.

Too many people are afraid of technology that...