Reflection Paper
The movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, is about a young collage graduate, Rebecca Bloomwood, who absolutely loves shopping. Rebecca believed that shopping makes her world to be better. She gets a sense of satisfaction from shopping. Due to that, she ends up with a serious financial debt that caused her to make silly lies and tactics to run away from the debt collector.
At first, I thought the movie is purely a romantic-comedy film but I didn’t expect that it would later give a lesson that really reflects our lives. The first problem I see in the movie is that Rebecca made herself revolve into the thing she loves doing which is shopping. She keeps on spending for clothes and other stuff that she loves, but doesn’t essentially need. Applying this in our lives, we all have our wants that at times; we do everything what it takes just to have them, without realizing that it has a great drawback. Rebecca’s struggle was not living on a budget, in other term an impulsive-buyer. Just like when she was walking to the job interview when the green scarf caught her eye, she went in and bought the scarf with her credit card. Rebecca just picks stuffs and immediately swipes her card without thinking first if she really needs them. If she would live on a budget then she would have enough money to splurge on an item once in a while but with Rebecca using her credit card for anything causes her to not have any money. Sometimes I also become like her, I got carried away with what I feel or with what will make me happy, causing me to forget that is not pretty good.
On the financial struggle of Rebecca, I can say that she lacks on managing her credit cards. Also lose management in investing money. In the first place she owns 12 credit cards, basically it’s too much. Rebecca has a false sense of financial stability, having 12 credit cards she thought she can make financial stability. Having 12 credit cards she thought she can spread out money on all of them. The...