I think that my speech on Monday went very well. I was not very nervous leading up to my speech, but I did get a little bit nervous while I was speaking. I was worried that my voice might shake and take away from the effectiveness of my speech, but some of my classmates assured me that they thought that my speech went well. I am glad that the speech went so well because I put a lot of work into it and I spent a lot of time practicing it. The hardest part of giving the speech was being video taped. I usually do not mind speaking in front of crowds, but I am not used to being recorded. One thing that I think that I did well on was my organization. I was able to take all of my ideas and put them in order in my mind and in my speech without writing my whole speech out. I am particularly proud of this fact because I have never given a speech before without writing the whole thing out in its entirety. One thing that I think I will try to improve on for my next speech is my delivery. I was confident in myself before I gave the speech, but unfortunately I got a little bit nervous when it was time to present my speech. Next time, I hope to use more gestures, be more personable, and move across the front of the room more instead of staying behind the podium. I believe that this improvement will not be hard to achieve. I just need more practice and now that I have already delivered my first speech, I know what to expect for next time. Overall, I think that my speech went well and I am proud of my performance on Monday