Reflection Team Work

Team working – reflective piece 11/07/15
Following the imaging of an inpatient, I attached the slip to the board that is used by the porter to transport the patient back to the correct ward.   I picked up a new request and myself and the supervising radiographer began x-raying the next patient.   Around ten minutes later however it was noticed that the patient was still waiting to be taken back to their ward.   One of the porters asked where the transport slip was to which I replied that I had put it back on the board in the correct place.   I quickly located the patient’s ward however with help from the reception staff and they were transported back there.   Later on the slip was found below the board suggesting it had accidently fallen or been knocked off.   The fact that the porter had promptly noticed that the patient had been waiting too long to be taken back to their ward and their effective communication to other team members within the x-ray department prevented the patient from being delayed any longer.
I initially felt frustrated as I was worried I was being blamed for not placing the transport slip back in the correct place.   Although I was sure I had done this I started to doubt myself which led to feelings of guilt as the patient was unwell and had had to wait longer than necessary to go back to their ward.   The porter however didn’t seem to care whose fault the misunderstanding was and was only interested in making the patient comfortable and transporting them as quickly as possible.   Once the patient was en route back to their ward I began to feel some satisfaction that I had helped to correct the situation by communicating with other imaging team members.
With hindsight, I should have thought less about my own feelings and more about rectifying the misunderstanding so the patient could be quickly taken back to their ward.   I did however utilise the skills of other team members in order to correct the situation so the...