Reflection Summary Week 3

October 29, 2012

                                                                      Reflection Summary
          In week two we discussed two topics. The two topics were the different major types of plans that organizations can use and SWOTT analysis. These two topics are based on management and how they do there planning and analysis for their organization. We also learned how to work better as a team, which is new for all of us.
          The different types of plans we talked about in week two were strategic, tactical, and operational planning. We learned that most companies use all three plans in there organization. Strategic planning is when an organization comes up with a strategy to reach their goals. Tactical planning is when an organization plans for now rather than later, but goes along with strategic planning. Operational planning explains when in the strategic plan an operation will take place during an operational period. All the plans go hand in hand with strategic planning. There is another plan that almost all organizations have and that is a contingency plan. This is a plan that prepares an organization for a disaster, and what the plan is after the disaster.
          We learned that managers use SWOTT analysis to get an idea of what they should be focusing on. SWOTT stands for strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and trends. This analysis can help people learn what they are good at and what they need to work on, and it can also help a person learn in what area they could help an organization. When we all did the SWOTT analysis on ourselves, we probably learned something new about ourselves that we never really thought about until now. We might not have realized we needed work in some areas or what we were really good at.
We learned in week two how to communicate with each other and the different kind of communications we could use to talk to each other when we had team questions. As a team I believe we learned...