Reflection Paper

The Drover’s Wife
The Drover’s Wife, which was written by Henry Lawson, described a mother who was living with her four children and one dog while her husband was away droving. There was a danger snake remaining in her house, which made this woman used all of her effort to keep children safe. The snake were caught and thrown into the fire with the help of her youngster and her dog.
In the story, the character that I appreciate the most is Drover’s wife. Primarily, she is a brave mother. Trying to protect her family from the danger, she devoted all her power to keep children safe even though she was in the middle of nowhere and her husband was not present. However, she feltexhausted;she tried to be awake to make sure that none of her little childrenwasattacked by the harmful snake. Beside this, she can be described as a clever woman. Being aware of the harmful snake, she took all her children to the kitchen and let them slept on the table,which was the only secure place in the house.I think not many women would come up with a brilliant idea in the tough situation like that.
The most significant I learnt from the story is the feeling of love in the family.First, the author shows the affection how mothers usually contribute to their children. In the rough circumstance, mother could do everything even devote her life.I can say that only mother love her sons or daughtersunconditionally. Furthermore, the author show the manner thatchild have to help their parent back.Child can illustrate their feeling by emotional or physical support as the youngster in the story act. He tries to help his mother although he is too small to do that task.

Shown me the valuable lesson for my life, the drover’s wife is the attractive story that I actually want to read again and again. Because of good concept,itwould be suggestedto friends to experience it for theirown improvement.