Reflection Paper

I have gain a tremendous amount of insight upon completion of this course.   I believe the most influential insight I gained in reference to parents, families, early childhood care and education, and community on children's development is the community influence on socialization such as physical factors (noise, play settings), social and personal factors (neighborhood/housing arrangements and patterns of community interaction) and economic factors (jobs, goods, and business).   We all proceed through life in behaviors I believe are under our influence and control and each of these factors mentioned above contribute to the way young children socialize.   Another insightful moment during the course of this learning experience is the significant context in which children interact.   I thought I knew all about why and how children interact in their environment because of the fact that I’m currently an educator in a Head Start program, however; I have recent learned the examination of socialization in an ecological context (for children).   Young children interact in several ways, some children only interact with family and peers, others may choose to interact with just significant caregivers (intimate family settings) while other children interact depending on their setting.   I find this fact informative and helpful in me to understand socialization and adaptation to change in young children.
Week 2 action plan touched my heart opened up the door to many opportunities for me to provide outstanding support and guidance to childen and families in crisis.   Prior to completing this course, I had little knowledge on how to provide support, guidance and effective ways in dealing with children and families in dealing with the loss of a loved one.   I initially thought the needs of the children must be met first, however; upon reading research and course materials, meeting the parents’ needs first is essential and warranted in order for parents to maintain...