Reflection on Law Essay


Each student is required to submit a research paper of strictly not more than 2,000 words as the coursework on Friday (Week 8), 13 March 2015 (cut-off is 6:00 pm).  
Late submission penalty of 15% of the mark scored for each day late (e.g. if you submit your assignment 1 day late and your original mark should be 70, then after deduction of the penalty your final mark will be 59.5).
Word-limit penalty of 7.5% for every 100 words in excess or part thereof.
Please be reminded that your work is not judged by its length.   To put in 2,000 words of repetitious cliche would only adversely affect your grade, while a succinct essay of 1,800 words that examines a legal issue critically may save you a few eyebags and earn you a distinction.  

I am not going to dictate your choice but it may be advisable for you to discuss with me if you have no idea where your interest lies.   For your reference, I have listed below some of the topics, which may be of interest to you:

Domestic violence
Equal Opportunities and Law
Abuse of police power

In fact, the list may go on and on, for law is all-encompassing in the sense that it touches every aspect of our daily lives.  

Your coursework should be a critical analysis of the topic you choose.   By that I mean you are required to state accurately the present law and evaluate the law critically.   Your arguments must be supported by proper references and the essay must be organised cogently and logically.   You must not submit your own unsubstantiated personal view.   It does not mean you may not have personal opinions but only that in order to convince others to subscribe to your view you have to turn to reason.

You are also reminded that plagiarism is a very serious offence and may cause you termination of your study here.

One further advice is do not leave the work to the last minute and hope it can be finished in one or...