Reflection on Gold

The reason why I had a sense of devotion to pick Gold as my delicate symbol, is that
      Throughout History, gold coins has been excavated by people across the world. In Egypt, Gold
coins were obtained through merchants and Pharaohs who dedicated their time in doing everything
possible to obtain their pleasure. Nowadays, Gold is widely known as Fashion and Jewelry.
The Power and Authority of gold   are that it shows connection toward Fashion along with showings one status.
    This Symbol shows that Fashion connects to the Symbol of Gold because its shiny delicacy has been worn in Silk Cloth. Gold has been encrusted with different shapes in ones cloth, such as triangles, circles and Rectangle. Gold Necklaces is highly recognized as a common jewelry known to reflect beauty along with meaning that a Woman from a higher social order had more power and was highly respected   according to her overall physical decoration. Recently, Gold has been added in a Fashion store containing all sorts of combination such as long Blue dress painted with rough dots of gold and
bracelets encrusted with gold pertaining to all sorts of brilliant different types of colors.
.The Power of gold reflect to stunning beauty towards Woman along with the power to
be recognized by individuals who are willing to taste this wonder.
    Despite that Gold had the Power to reflect Beauty from fashion , Gold shows one Status. For Example, In Egypt   several unknown Pharaohs actually had gold constructed in his building compared to the rest of the village being houses made out of mud and Brick. In Pyramids, Gold materials such as Vases represented the After Life in relation toward showing a sense of elevation in Honor towards the Pharoah. Several Gold materials   Worn by Tutankhamen Probably represented invincibility and a sense of strong inclination by devoted people who praise this ruler. Gold shows how Rich and Famous someone is, such as Hernandez De Cortez who conquered the native...