Reflection of "A New Green Wave"

Briefing Note—Xueqi (Shirley) Zhang—301014—Foundation--Western

Issue (according to “A New Green Wave” written by Schumpeter (2014)1):
Numerous companies start to focus on reducing energy usage and waste, decreasing carbon emission, exploring renewable energy and recycling technologies. Moreover, most of them think they should make more efforts on “sustainable” to meet the strategy targets. Although companies work hard on their “sustainability” strategies, strategies they use are more likely to be efficiency rather than sustainability. Under this social context, some corporations begin to change the direction of “sustainable” and consider more about their stakeholders (who related and can be influenced by the corporation). Advice, Possible Reactions and Further Recommend (focus on mining):

Leadership Guide the strategy direction. Under “all is about investment” market rule, mandatory policies for more “sustainable” must be established and implemented. Also, supportive plans from government and monitoring by third-party agency as well as communities are used to calm protestors and solve public distrust problems.

Education Provide outreach programs to increase the awareness of sustainability to public. The lack of sustainability knowledge (especially leaders and people live in rural areas) can be the obstruction to implement policies and cause ecosystem crises. Rewards system could be used to engage public to involve in the educational activities.

Communication Hold face-to-face meeting between government, companies and communities. Ignoring concerns from public can cause misunderstanding. So policy makers should start the education plan from internal to external and from leaders to employees.

Culture Make ecological restoration policies and cooperate with mining companies to help locals to find job. Young people move out due to pollution and lack of jobs which causes the loss of intangible culture. Those policies help to keep the local culture...