Reflection of Seminar

In this week, I had an article presentation with a subject “Airlines and Carbon” on Tuesday. Before we started, Tre presented his presentation how to organize it better. At the beginning of the presentation in introduction, it has to have any relationship with the topic, and then move on to the article.
And through this article, there are many emissions of carbon from airplanes in Europe. Then Europe announced a cap and trade scheme that need a permission and charge more for reducing emissions that fly in or out from Europe countries. However the plan faces huge opposition from China, India and the U.S but in my eyed, it is great scheme to reduce emissions of carbon from airplanes. If they charge more, emission is going to be reduced as soon as possible, and then it will improve air conditions of world. In my article presentation, I followed organization that Tre showed us, and my partners (Daeun, Gwanghee) said that my presentation sound was much better than ever. In addition, my presentation was recorded as 20 seconds less or more than limitation in the past. And I have been advised that I need to keep the limitation. And I tried to keep it, as a result, I got much better, it is getting close to the limitation. And Gwanghee and Daeun said that I didn’t use my hands and feet much but I had appropriate eye contact to the class mates, and I used useful language properly such as according to this article, in my eyes.. etc. From this presentation, I got confidence of it because I have heard excellent and perfect from Tre. I have never ever heard of it before. Then now, I realized how to organize presentation properly. However, I will practice more and more to be 100 percent.
Move on the group seminar on Thursday. We had a subject “Should the government buy gold or not?” And I did not agree with the article because according to this article, as Ben Benerk said, the reason why central bank holds gold rather than diamonds is “tradition” “Given the long history of...