Reflection Essay

The Life of Rosalind Sims
Rosalind Sims
Introduction to Teaching and Learning
Ms. Evans
March 8, 2010
In the past couple of weeks, I have gained insight and ideas about myself. I also have gained a better understanding about my learning abilities and writing style. At this point of my professional career, the concepts brought out in this course have refreshed my interest and enthusiasm for learning new things and ideas. There have been several tools in this course that I can apply to my writing skills within my personal and work environment. Even though I know some of my strengths, this course has provided me with opportunities to improve my writing skills and work on improving my weaker skills (i.e. APA style writing). I would like to be able to apply what I have learned in this course towards my professional and personal growth.
Upon my readings, this course has certainly opened my eyes to the need to write papers and read more often. The reading material that I have read throughout the course has given me an important reminder to always double check what I have written to avoid plagiarism at all cost. It is so easy to forget a quotation mark here or there as well as forget where you obtained your information from. I have learned to always carefully write down where the information that I’m using correctly. The readings on Research Writing have provided me with guidance that is clearly beneficial to me.
Some of my strengths in writing ability include a few different aspects which would include my passion for the subject that I’m writing about, the wording, and the length. My wording oftentimes sounds like the words that I would speak to someone, and not just bland sentences. The length of my writing assignment is appropriate for the topic and it makes it easier for someone else to read without losing interest. My passion for writing on a topic keeps me focused on the paper and I enjoy writing the paper which...