Reflection Capstone

Capstone Checkpoint: Reflection
Reflecting back on the techniques and various writing skills gained throughout this course will have me prepared for future courses and in my future careers. Learning the functions of managerial communications, and the trends of communication in business have given me a head start in areas that most people may not have if they didn’t take a course like xcom 285. Business writing is very important in the workforce, and knowing the different types of using effective messages can have a great impact on your audience. Being prepared for using technology communication can increase ways to communication in the work place. Learning to use business writing effectively has also given me strategies to facilitate cross-cultural communication, while being able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of electronic communications. Although there are different steps in business writing than in academic writing, I feel that this course has given me appropriate and various lessons to be prepared for what the real business work world will bring. I can use the lessons on how to foster positive individual and group communication, which is needed when working with a group of people or just one on one. Knowing how to deliver effective reports and presentations including oral is another business writing technique that will help me in the future. This course has given me knowledge on workplace polices regarding communication in employees privacy and laws on ethics, and has show me techniques to apply to improve and demonstrate my various skills in business writing.