Reflect on the Role of the Practitioner in Supporting a Diverse and Inclusive Environment

Task 3
Describe an activity using a meal time or snack time as a learning situation for children.

Activity: Making Pizza for snack.
Everything was prepared and put on the table, this include all ingredients and utensils. We then took the children to wash their hands and sat them down at the table. The room leader then started off by explaining to the children in details the step by step of making our pizzas. With the help of another key worker we showed the children pictures of a class making pizza to help them understand better as our children loves seeing pictures. The room leader then put on her apron and gloves and started off by cutting the rolls in half at the same time explaining to the children that knives are sharp and dangerous. With the help of other key workers the children then had turns in spreading the paste on to the rolls. While doing this each key worker would be asking the children question and talking to them, for example what colour is the paste, do you think that is too thick. Each child took turns in putting their ingredients onto the roll and we made an effort to let each child put the same amount of ingredients this would help them in their counting as all of them would count along with the child .When putting on meat and cheese we then explain to them the importance of vitamins and calcium for example eating cheese is good for bones and teeth. Vitamins will help them in growing and their development. We did have a child who was not allowed pork so we had to put chicken ham instead of salami. We then explain to the children why he can’t eat salami because of their faith. We also explain to the children that there are children that are not able to eat particular food because it will make them sick.   When everything was done one of the key workers took the tray to the kitchen to be put in the oven. The children helped to tidy up the table and set it up ready for snack. They were then encouraged to lay the table with a pattern for example...