Rediness and Behavioral Asessments

From the assessment I learned that I am ready for college but I need to make more time to study and do homework. I need to stay focused so this doesn’t become an issue in the future. My reasons for going to school are well defined, Support and resources are not an issue for me. I scored 80 out of 100 so I am in the average score section for this assessment. My strength are my eagerness to learn to earn my degree. I have a quiet, distraction free place to study. I am moderately concerned about my skills as I am a new student and don’t know what skills I possess yet besides my eagerness and willingness to learn and finish tasks.
    I am moderately persistent and get things done in a timely manner. I finish what I start. I should not have any trouble earning a degree because when I don’t know something I am not hesitant to ask my instructor. I may procrastinate a little but I know I will turn in every assignment and it will be complete. I might not think what I do matters, like studying, because I often think I’ll get bad grades no matter how hard I study, but as week one proved; I did really good. I am going to have to stop thinking that I’m going to get bad grades and tell myself if I do the work right then I will get good grades. I need to not be so down on myself because I know I can succeed.
    I will need a little help to not procrastinate. I tend to not want to do the work until 2 days before it’s due, but I need to get a head start on it in the future. Locus of control is another area I need to work on. Fate does not determine whether my grades will be good, my participation and hard work does. If I can keep track of everything I have to do and make sure it’s turned in when its due then I will get the grades I want.