Red Ribbon Week

[pic] Red Ribbon Week
Dear Parents,
During the week of October 24th, Rio Bravo Elementary will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week.   The purpose of this celebration is for each student to pledge to stay drug free and to make healthy choices in his/her life.   Students will be participating in the following activities to honor this pledge:

Monday, October 24th – “RED DAY”.   We are asking each student to wear as much visible red as possible to school on this day.   Teachers will be passing out BUTTONS for each of the students to wear during the week.   The buttons should be worn daily as there will be drawings at flag salute each morning for students caught wearing them.   Students will also be creating the DRUG FREE RBE message on the east fence of the school.

Tuesday, October 25th – “SOCK IT TO DRUGS DAY”.   Show off your craziest socks today while we celebrate being drugged free.

Wednesday, October 26th – “WE CAN ALL BE SUPER HEROS AND SAY NO TO DRUGS!” Make sure to wear your favorite super hero or cartoon character t-shirt. Student should also bring in a canned food item to be donated to   “The Plaza Towers”, which provides food for the elderly who have limited incomes.

Thursday, October 27th- “TEAM UP AGAINST DRUGS DAY“.   Dress in your favorite team jersey or one you have worn yourself on a sports team.

Friday, October 28th – “TURN YOUR BACK ON DRUGS DAY”.   All students are encouraged to wear his/her clothes backwards to school today.

        Please encourage your child to wear his/her BUTTON each day and continue to promote a “Healthy choices, healthy me.   I Pledge to be drug free.” message daily at home.   Thanks for your support!!!

Red Ribbon Committee