Recylcing Speech

What is the deal with recycling? It seems like it should be a very important environmental issue but most communities don’t value this very highly. Most people agree that this is helpful to the environment, but they still don’t recycle. Most people only know that recycling saves natural resources and takes away space in a landfill. Only some people know of all the other benefits. These include: saving water, energy and air & water pollution. With a couple of extra minutes a day, you can do so much for the environment. So why doesn’t everyone? Most people say they don’t want to “waste” their time. I know that not everyone is perfect. I do believe that everyone can recycle.
Even the smallest bit of recycling can play a role in saving the environment. Did you know that recycling the $1 pop bottle that you enjoy so much, can save up to four hours’ worth of watching television? See, with such little effort you help save the environment so much! Currently every year in the U.S, there is over 400 million tons of trash that ends up in the landfill. And yet less than 25% of people recycle. If Americans as a nation made an effort to raise this percentage, think of all of the good that would come out of this. I know that getting it so every single American recycles is highly unlikely, but I believe that every person helps and can make a big difference.
I believe that recycling paper is one of the areas that should be valued the highest. Every minute, 100 acres of forests are being cut down. Every year around 4 billion trees are cut down. Yes, 4 BILLION. We only plant 1.5 billion back. This poses a huge problem. The area with the most trees happens to be rainforests.   Experts estimate that we are losing 137 plant, animal, and insect species every single day due to rainforest deforestation. Experts also say that if the rainforest wasn’t cut down, it would have a higher economic value than what we are doing now, which is cutting it down to create farmland. And yet...