Recruitment and Selection Strategies

Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations
Bollman Hotels is continuing the expansion into the India market.   Previous recommendations provided to Bollman were Employment law and Performance management. The current proposal will now help to create a workforce for the hotel by providing recruitment and selection strategies.   In creating the recruitment and selection strategies, the hotel will have to understand what they currently have in place in Minneapolis, Minnesota may not work in the new market of India.   Additionally, the strategies used will have to be aligned with the company goals, workforce diversity, local demographic changes, and culture.  
Organization Goals
The firm’s organizational goals include maintaining the current revenue growth rate at 15%, and the current net revenue is $100,000,000.   Increasing the workforce by 20% in India that will increase the number of employees from 25,000 to 30,000 for the entire organization.   At the same time, they plan to maintain the current turnover rate at 5% for all locations over the next year.   The firms hiring in India will help to meet the organization's goal to increase the workforce of 20%.   Active selections strategies along with previous recommendations on performance management can help to maintain the current turnover rate by providing strong candidates for positions who will ultimately remain with the firm for the first year.   All of these goals have to be met while keeping costs down to help the business continue the growth rate set at 15%.    
Demographic changes
India currently has 125 million people between the working ages of 15 and 64, which will decrease over the next decade by approximately 22 million (Bahir, 2013).   These numbers include members of the population who are not looking for work due to farming activity or lack of positions.   Also, according the Bahir 26% of the working age population is currently attending school (Bahir, 2013).   Most of the population consists of...