Recruitment and Selection Methods on Tesco

The Recruitment and Selection about Tesco

Tesco was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen. "Tesco" as a brand was debuted in 1929 in London Edgware street. Since then, Tesco continued to develop and grow, to seize the favorable opportunities in many areas to lead the innovation trend. Today, Tesco has become the UK's leading retailers, and among the world's three largest retail companies, the total number of stores around 6000, the total number of employees about 520000 people, Tesco is in other 12 countries. (Tesco, 2015)

Tesco Corporation as Britain's biggest retailer, they have a strong competitive advantage on Recruitment and Selection. Therefore, if they want to fill the position of their jobs, undoubtedly they need a perfect HR managing and planning. And in order to analysis the recruitment and selection of Tesco, it will be compared with another company like Carrefour to find out their strengths and weaknesses and more advantages in business competitive.

1. Analyze the needs for human resource planning, the information required and the stages involved in this process

  * The needs for human resource planning
      * Assuring adequate staff levels
A primary function of human resources planning is making certain that various company departments have sufficient staff to complete all the work required to meet the organization’s goals.
  * Matching skills to current organizational needs
As the company grows, the management function becomes more complex. Instead of everyone reporting to the owner, layers are added to the organization structure.
  * Building an Ethical Business Culture
A business owner often creates a code of conduct for employees to follow which defines what is considered ethical-good-conduct in dealing with customers, suppliers and co-workers.
  * Finding team players
A critical but difficult aspect of human resource planning is determining whether prospective new hires will fit in with existing members...