the Aborigines have lived in Australia for 40000 to 600000 years .   there 300000 Aborigines divided into   250 Aboriginal tribes.each tribes had its   own language. some of them are still used now. They were hunter-gatherer and did not grow crops,so they hunted animals and gathered fruits,nuts, seeds .Their weapon made of wood and stonethey communicated by ‘‘song lines’’and had a deep spiritual attachment to the land.
The British First Fleep .then, in 1788; Governor Philip started the settlement with the arrival of the First Fleep in Sydney.   The local Aborigines started keep away from newcomers because they took over land from the Aboriginal people
After that, many Aborigines died because new diseases appeared, supplies of water were lost, lack of food. All of these came from the white and made the life of Aborigines harder and as a result many must work for the white.
Then, however, the Australian government worried about the decrease in aboriginal population and started protecting them. In 1814, the Native Institution at Parramatta was established with purpose to changed Aborigines.   In 1886, the Victorian government approved legislation to protect remaining Aboriginal.   Then, the aboriginal children were taken away from their parent, changed names, forced to work and now called the “stolen generation”.
There were many important changes and improvements in rights of Aborigines during the 1960s and 1970s. For instant, all Aborigines had the right to vote in 1962, citizen rights in 1967, equal wages as non-Aborigines in 1968 and ‘self-determination’ in 1972.   In 1978, the National Aboriginal Congress was founded which helped the Aborigines to represent their opinions, but it was closed in 1985. However, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission (A.TSIC) were founded in there in 1990.
In 1992, the High Court changed the law, accepted the land right of Aborigines. Then, the Federal Government law was accepted to protect Australian’s cattle industry...