Record Keepng

Record Keeping

Very few of us are fortunate enough to be blessed with a photographic

memory, the absence of this skill amongst the majority serves to

enhance the need to keep records for future reference.

A student may attain perfect results but if there is no record of this

accomplishment then there is no proof that it ever happened, reflecting

badly on the student and the teacher/organisation.

As with most practises within the educational establishment, there are

a multitude of types of record that may be created. Everything from

attendance through Formative Assessments to National Standards

Achievements are recorded in some format or another. The ensuing

paragraphs attempt to shed light on the record keeping process by

following the progress of a student along their instructional journey.

The first step would be for a student to apply to participate in their

chosen course, at this point an Application form would be completed

recording the students’ interest, contact details and possibly some

information on their previous academic experience/qualifications.

Each course will have entry requirements and if the students’ prior

learning indicates sufficient standard they will be invited to attend

a one-to-one interview.

The interview process will raise questions on numerous aspects of the

students’ previous experience, future intentions, attendance, potential

special needs etc., all of which will need to be documented for further

action. The person who holds the interview may not be the same one
who processes the information revealed at the interview, therefore (as

with all records made) an accurate account will have to be constructed

to prevent omission or confusion.

The successful student will progress onto an Induction into their

Chosen course. This will necessitate the introduction of various rules

and procedures, students are required to sign a checklist confirming