Recommendation Report

A Recommendation report

Before I get into the instructions here are a few things to remember that will cause me to deny the answer:
    • Copy and pasted material
    • If the final report does not look like the sample report
    • ***If you use any other source for this report other than pictures I will not accept it***. It does not matter if you cite the work or not I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. I AM NOT LOOKING FOR ANY MATERIAL FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE PERIOD.

For this writing assignment, you will select a scenario, prepare a recommendation report to address the problems in the scenario.
Here’s a hint to help you get started… you can start with Consumer Reports! But…you will still have to do research and analysis.

You will develop a recommendation report that contains a:
• Letter or memo of transmittal
• Cover and title page
• Abstract
• Table of contents
• Executive Summary
• Body containing introduction, methods, results, conclusions, and recommendations (5-6 pages)
• List of figures, illustrations, or graphics (must have at least 4)
• Criteria must include 4 necessary and 3 desirable and be presented in a matrix
• References
• Glossary
    • Appendix

Here is the Scenario: The small independent publishing company where you work as a writer/editor and sometimes tech support has fallen way behind on its technology…and the lack of the latest cool stuff is starting to generate some serious grumbling among the employees. You’ve been assigned the task of evaluating the needs of the company and then recommending options for upgrades and improvements. The office printer/fax is new, but none of the employees has had a computer upgrade for some time. Your report will focus on computers.
The boss has the nice office, but is on the road most of the time, checking for new clients and following up with the sales team. There are 3 sales people, an administrative assistant, and 5 writer/editors who work mainly in the office. They...