Recognition and Development of Human Rights

Writing Task:
What are Human Rights? Outline how Human Rights have changed and developed over time by investigating the evolving recognition and importance of universal human rights.

Human Rights are the rights and privileges given to all people. They are not dependant on religion, ethnicity or nationality and they are not given or taken away by government. Over the time, people trying to define and develop the notion of human rights, it was changed and slowly recognised as the changes occurred with the society values and moral beliefs. People believed in Natural Law Thinking that higher power above the ruler or law makers, rights were given to people by a higher authority than the ruler. Through the abolition of slavery, formation of trade unionism, the recognition of universal suffrage and education, the establishment of right to self-determination and peace rights, society slowly develops the notion of human rights and recognises the importance of universal human rights.

Slave trade was one of the early institution among ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman societies. Slave trade involves a system which individuals had no personal rights and slaves were bought and sold and many were abused in physical, emotional and sexually abused. Many debates over the idea of natural rights and political liberty as slavery were against their religion, Christians believed that slavery does not show love for one’s neighbour and equality before God. This then leads to the pass of Emancipation Act 1833 which abolishes slavery in Britain. This act then drives more developments such as the 13 th amendment to the US constitution which outlawed slavery in US after a civil war at 1865. However southern states of US against slavery as slavery leads to a well economy and discrimination was still on slaves until 1960,e.g Blacks were not allow to vote. After WWI, the League of Nations appointed the Temporary Slavery Commission which recommends a treaty against the slavery. The...