Year 12 Hospitality Trial Exam Study
Commercial Cookery Strand
Please be aware the units underlined can be assessed throughout the Trial and HSC
Organise and prepare food
  * equipment
  * environmental impacts
  * food items – dairy, dry goods, fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, poultry
  * food preparation techniques
  * food safety procedures
  * ingredients
  * menu items
  * portion control
  * recipes
  * safe and hygienic work practices
  * waste minimisation
  * work flow.

  * the key characteristics and uses of the main categories of food items and those that are particularly used in the organisation
  * menu and recipe requirements for the particular style, products and cuisine being served
  * expected numbers of customers to be served
  * full details of food safety procedures used in kitchen operations and the particular food safety regime for the organisation
  * correct handling and storage requirements for different types of food
  * applications of different types of cleaning products
  * the essential features of and safe practices for using common hazardous substances used within kitchens and in particular substances used by the organisation e.g. cleaning products
  * the environmental impacts of cleaning equipment and preparing food and minimal impact practices to reduce these especially those that relate to reusable resources, water and energy use
  * correct and environmentally sound disposal methods for kitchen waste and hazardous substances.

Features of effective work flow management including:
  * logical sequence
  * time efficient
  * planning and organisation
  * time constraints
  * cooperation.

Acknowledgement of the effect poor work flow has on:
  * colleagues
  * customers
  * workplace/organisation.

The standard features of a recipe including:
  * preliminary preparation
  * equipment
  * quantity of ingredients
  * method