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Report Description
Automotive exhaust system is a piping system designed to guide reaction exhaust gases
away from combustion taking place inside an automotive engine. The main function of
the exhaust system is to eject burned gases to the rear of the vehicle and to reduce the
sound of engine combustion. Key necessity of modern automotive exhaust systems is to
reduce noise and increase a vehicles fuel economy, power and overall efficiency. To meet
exhaust release standards such as Euro 6, exhaust system market is expected to witness
an improved performance in engine horsepower and torque which is expected to drive
automotive exhaust systems market in future.
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Automotive Exhaust Systems Market: Drivers & Restraints
People today are aware of the environmental problems caused by harmful exhaust gases,
and as a result the government has introduced stricter emission norms to keep the
environment clean and free from such harmful gases. In order to meet the guidelines laid
down by the government, the automotive exhaust systems manufacturers have invested
largely in creation of more efficient exhaust systems and this has been one of the key
drivers for automotive exhaust systems market. Automotive exhaust systems are one of
the frequent contributors to high noise level and poses a challenge for exhaust system
manufacturers to produce efficient and noise free exhaust systems.

Report Description
Automotive Exhaust Systems Market: Segmentation
On the basis of vehicle type, the global automotive exhaust systems market is
segmented into,
•Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV)