Recent Innovation

Describe a Recent Innovation, and Discuss its Social and Economic Impacts

Mobile devices have infiltrated and revolutionised the modern world (Lum, 2011). At first, the most convenient telecommunication tool was public telephone booths on the sides of streets. In the 90s, cell phones were expensive, big and only the privileged of society could afford them (Goggin, 2006). Cell phones became widespread when people recognised their convenience. With the fast development of communication tools in the past two decades, these devices are becoming smaller and smaller. Portable communication or smart devices have become the most popular amongst the world’s population (Perez, 2012). Today, cell phones are ubiquitous. It seems simply impossible to live our lives without the assistance of portable communication devices. This essay is an attempt to describe portable communication or smart devices and discuss their social and economic impacts. These social and economic impacts are how these devices have changed people’s social behaviour and this industry has been the most lucrative industry in modern society.
First, portable devices’ usage and functions are two important reasons why they have become popular. Portable electronic and communication devices include tablets (IPads), laptops, computers and smart mobile phones. People use them in all aspects of life. For instance, contact family and friends, listen to music, watch movies, send emails, check flight information and handle office files. They can be used as a navigator, a library and a translator. Today’s mobile phones are a multi-functional tool (Perez, 2012). They have become such an important part of their users’ daily life that they are no longer merely a piece of technological object; they are in fact a key socialising tool (Srivastava, 2005).

Second, one important social impact that smart devices have on society is that they have changed the way people watch and access television programs. With the better screen...