Reasons for Going to College

Corina Motiu
Writing 5
Caitlin Sapaugh

Different people’s reasons for attending college
College is, for most people, the passage from childhood to adulthood, a world of responsibility, knowledge, and money. There are some people who think that they would be just fine without college education, but statistics show that the more educated we are, the more productive we are in society. College is almost always about building self-confidence, making more money, and achieving independence.
Going to college helps you build self-confidence. College is a time of self-improvement and a time of self-discovery because people who attend college need to manage on their own and get out of their comfort zone. It is only when you are away from what you have known that you can discover the areas which you might find interest in. When someone finishes the classes that   they were taking, it is a moment of accomplishment. You can be proud of yourself when you finish college because you can start searching for a job and earn money.
Finding a job, or a better paying job, is one of the reasons people go to college. Some people may be unsatisfied with their jobs and want to start making more money because their marital status has changed, or because they want to have children, or just gaining more money to live a better life. Whatever is the motivation, going to college helps people find better jobs and improve their lives.
A better paying job helps people achieve independence. You become more self-confident and you start gaining your independence. Going away to college in a different part of the country is an important step in becoming independent because you learn to manage by yourself and it prepares you for a successful life. You start your own habits, building your system of values, and depend on yourself more than on others. You start choosing your friends more wisely, and you become more responsible.
Whether it is about achieving independence, earning more money, or...