Reasons for Allied Victory

Reasons for Allied Victory

  1) The Invasion of Belgium

  The German invasion of Belgium in August 1914 can be seen as a mistake for two reasons:
      • By breaking treaty of London (1839) Germany put herself clearly in the position of the aggressor. Germany lost the support of neutral opinion.
  2) Failure of Schlieffen Plan

        • The main hope that Germany had of winning a war on two fronts lay with the Schlieffen Plan. The quick victory did not materialise and by 1914 Germany was confronted with a two front war which she was not prepared for militarily or economically.
  3) The Allied Powers

        • All three Triple Entente powers made positive contributions to the Allied victory. In 1918 alone Britain spent 2,700 million. The French proved to be a determined ally who were prepared to make great sacrifices.
        • The Allied superiority in manpower was vital in a high war of “attrition” where casualty rates were so high.
        • German allies Austria-Hungry, Turkey and Bulgaria- all proved to be weak and in need of support from Germany. Germany was at war with 27 countries by 1918.
  4) The Entry of the USA

        • The entry of the USA into the war in April 1917 was a vital factor in the final allied victory. The arrival of the American troops was a large morale boost and a great psychological blow on the enemy.
  5) Impact of the British Blockade

        • Germany had a strong industrial economy, the blockade cut off the world trade thus depriving Germany of much needed supplies and revenue.
        • By 1917 the Allied Convoy system was proving a great success and the resumption of unrestricted sub warfare ultimately brought the US into the war.
        • Even before the US entered the war in 1917, US traded massively favoured Britain.
6) Land Supremacy of Allied Forces

    • The German strategy on land also led to their defeat. The Germans thought that they could win a war of attrition. This...