Reasearch Outline

Alex Butler
SOC 111
Research Paper Outline
March 5, 2011
Gender Discrimination Today
  I. Introduction- What is Gender Discrimination
  A. Definition- Refers to any situation where a person is denied an opportunity or misjudged solely on the basis of their sex.  
  B. Examples- When a woman gets less pay than a male coworker for doing the same job, when a woman is expected to be a stay at home mom without choice to her, and why some schools are still segregated to only male or female students.
  C. Thesis- the United States needs to be aware of the rising feminist movement because women all over are getting tired of being treated like a lesser person.  
  II. Body Points- Types of Gender Discrimination
  A. Work Place- Use references from “The Gendered Society” and “Sexual Harassment”.   Build on the effects of women and women have done lately in the workplace.
  B. Gender Discrimination in the Classroom- Use references from book “Still Failing at Fairness…”   Show what has happened in schools not just in the past but also in the present.
  C. Sports- Use reference from the article about the wrestler who would not wrestle a girl.   Also discuss the discrimination in baseball and football.  
  III. Laws Dealing With Gender Discrimination
  A. Use Internet reference
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