“Really, Really, Ridiculously Good Looking People”,

“Really, really, ridiculously good looking people”, well sure we all know some, but are we surrounded by these divine characters? Maybe on a our television screens, I mean I most certainly don’t run into a Serna Vanderwoodsen or Elena Gilbert on my way to school every day. Maybe if I lived on the Upper East Side or Mystic Falls, although even then I highly doubt I’d be surrounded by beautiful women day in day out.
That’s when I wondered, if a person was to live under rock there whole childhood and into their adult life, knowing only of women they saw on television, what would they expect to find in the real world?   Women characters on screen I’ve noticed and I’m sure you will agree have managed to evolve into sexpots, hottie-boom-botties, or, however, you’d say it, but they are most certainly not ugly betties.   I believe our rock dweller would be disappointed as they discovered the average world or track pants and pony tails that is most not the reality they’d come expected.
Women characters on screen are depicted as a great deal better looking than average, but why? Is it the physics of attraction, are these women used as pawns to draw in our wondering eye, and to capture the affection of both men and women.   Take “Hell Cats” for example, a recent cheerleading teen drama which essentially has no real story line, but a squad full or toned bodies and   beautiful faces, obviously theses women have been casts to draw attraction to the show. I know my Saturday night wouldn’t involve sitting down to watch the new episode of Hell Cats, if the squad was a bunch of overweight, flawed, and average women.
Although it’s on a Wednesday night that I’ll sit down to watch Gossip Girl, and let my mind drool over the on screen beauties Serna and Blair and there million dollar wardrobes. How is it that these women look so fabulous twenty four hours a day, why is it that I usually go and splash some hard earned cash up the wall on Thursday?   Are these character used to manipulate...