Reality Is Way to Painful to Handle

Reality is to painful

Reality is most definitely too painful for many. People try to escape reality through dreaming, fantasies and living in the past to create their own perfect worlds. They use these as a means of escape from their own agonizing real worlds and covering up what is really going on by constructing a new private world or dwelling in a past filled with better times. In the worlds of Phillip K. Dick, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away” refers to the fact that some will always try to escape their reality but frankly it will never go away. Sometimes the pain that reality inflicts on people can just be to much and their only freedom can be to hide in their own perfect fantasy world, where everything can be as they please and the truth can’t hurt them.   Reality can be hard to face but through the ability to image idealistic worlds, it can be escaped temporarily.

I consider myself lucky that I, unlike others can bear with, and quite actually enjoy my own reality. I am fortunate enough to be happy and healthy, with many friends, a loving family and many exciting and fun events in my life that bring me excitement. I don’t often feel the need to escape to a completely new world, although there may be many small dreams I often fantasise about, I am privileged in that I am happy. Many others aren’t. Some can barely face the daunting torture of waking up in the morning, let alone everything that goes on in life. The only relief they can find is that in their minds, away from everyone and everything that is going on. While dreams may create a temporary sanctuary for them, sometimes this isn’t enough but unfortunately there sometimes isn’t any escape.

Willy Loman was stuck between his past and present lives and there really was no escape from his harsh reality. In Arthur Millers “Death of a Salesman’ the protagonist Willy, an unsuccessful salesman found his reality so cruel and painful that his only means of being happy...