Real and Pseudo-Mates

Real and Pseudo-mates

I love to have friends and relatives around, but hate to be around sycophants.
I adore honest people I can trust, but please don’t abuse and treat me as gullible.
I love it when I look forward to chat with my mates, but please find out when I am free for banters.
I despise it when I miss a call from a close chum, but desperation of leaving nine missed calls is gross.
Fine if you know that I do care about you   , problem if you treat this as “I love you”  

It`s fine to ask for financial assistance but it’s a pain to constantly bail friends with soft loans.
It’s a delight to have mutual friendship   ,I do not want to buy your friendship.
You will be my buddy if you ask me how I feel; you are a jerk if you make assumptions.
You will remain my hero if you spread good news about me, but you anger me if you gossip.
Respect to you if you treat your views as opinions, but you are dogmatic if you treat them as facts.
Appreciate your presence if you accept that people are different, ignorant If you think everyone is the same.

You are a breath of fresh air if you are so positive, a drain if you are so pessimistic.
You are so cool if you are willing to learn, but arrogant if you think you know everything.
Motivate others by acknowledging their efforts, keeping quiet is so dispiriting.

By :hneyi