Reading Into What the Car Companys Do

Finding the Best Deal
It was January 28, 2016 and Jim was getting ready for work. One of the first thinks he does is flip on the T.V and get his morning news in so he can have an idea of what the weather is going to be like. Well Jim seen it was going to be cold this particular morning so he hits his automatic start on his truck. Once Jim gave the truck a good fifteen minutes to heat up he was off to work Jim really likes to be punctual so he is always the first one to show up to work. This also means he sees everyone else show up to work. Well this particular day he sees a new truck come into the parking lot. It was a brand new 2016 Ford F-150 and no other but Ricky Davis was driving it. Now Jim really dislikes Ricky but is always pleasant with him to keep up appearances and it also helped him see his new truck. So naturally Jim goes over to Ricky to see his new truck and of course Ricky was excited to show off his new toy. Jim gets the VIP tour of Ricky’s new truck, like the backup assist, and the SNYC lights that change colors ext.   After the tour of the truck Jim felt really down on himself that he didn’t have the latest and greatest truck like Ricky.   So he started looking over all the options from different manufactures and what kind of deals that were out there. There were so many to choose from like with Ford, with its all-new pro trailer backup assist which would be great for getting his boat in and out of the water. Dodge with its all-new four corner air ride suspension which would be great when Jim goes up to his hunting cabin and crosses the river. The Silverado with its cylinder deactivation so when you’re hauling something heavy you get all eight cylinders of the mighty V8, but when you’re just trying to get the best gas mileage you can drops the motor to a four cylinder.
Now with all the ads that we see on T.V., the internet or on billboards as we drive around we notice that at this place we have 0% down and 12.7% APR. Now for the moment we might...