Reading in E100

When reading observation 1-A (refer to appendix) I can draw this experience from   Study Topic 13 ‘’ Language for different purposes’’ where is says that adults have a role to play engaging children and showing them that meaningful communication will help them develop relationships.

In our weekly class meeting I suggested to make him a visual timetable so he can wait for his turn or use language or signs to request to be the first one to choose.
By giving Jasper a choice we have seen a dramatic change on his behaviour and since implementing that he is now the first one to be at the table sitting still so he can request to be the first one to choose.
We also noticed that before he used to choose the sad facial expression because he was the last one, but now he chooses the happy facial expression and he feels very proud and confident using spoken words   to tell us how he feels.
As we go around the table asking them, Jasper has also learned that the other children may feel different from him and that we may have different feelings throughout the day.
Learning to control his emotions and learning the importance of taking turns is part of his termly I.E.P’s and we focus on implementing such skills on his daily routine as to improve what jasper is able to absorb during lessons.

1B- Jasper was playing a dress up game on the computer, the first doll was a girl and Jasper choose a red dress, yellow hat and pink shoes when finished he sounded the words ‘’pretty’’.Next was a boy and Jasper choose a blue dress , blue hat and red shoes , the adult told Jasper that boys do not wear dresses but trousers or shorts.Later that day a dressing up box was available to the children to play; Jasper and another girl were going through the clothes and dressing up.The girl choose a long wedding dress and a pink flower hat, Jasper looked at her and said ‘’pretty’’, he then progressed to choose something for himself.He choose a teddy bear shirt and kept saying to himself ‘’ shorts,...