Reading from the End to the Beginning

Whitney Moore
English 111
Reading from the end to the beginning
There’s nothing like settling into your favorite chair and devouring page after page of a really good book! On the other hand, there’s also nothing more frustrating than opening up a book and having your mind bombarded with a confusing jumble of letters and words. When I was younger, my first introduction to reading was not that of the typical childhood experience. I had been diagnosed with a learning disability called Dyslexia. Dyslexia is a reading disability that makes it difficult to determine the meaning of a simple sentence as well as difficulty learning to recognize written words. I had suffered with Dyslexia up until third grade and through my adversities with this disability, learned to develop a deep appreciation for the art of reading and writing.
Throughout my whole first year of kindergarten my parents and I had no idea that I even had dyslexia. At ages four and five, my parents read my favorite books to me and I would memorize them word for word.   Whenever I saw the picture I recalled the corresponding dialogue and repeated it. Due to this,   my parents did not realize that I struggled with reading until later in my year of first grade.   I had done well in all my other subjects, so they figured I would get better as the year went on. They realized something was not right after my struggles continued.   During a conference with my teacher they all hoped that it was just because of the transition and I would be fine after I got used to it.
Later on during that school year, my teacher realized that my troubles with reading was more than just a transition issue and brought it to my parents’ attention. She told them that she thought it was dyslexia and that they should get it checked out just to be sure. After my parents spoke to her, they took me to a specialist.   After several tests he diagnosed me with a mild case of dyslexia. As soon as my parents were aware of what the...