Reading and Writing Development

Reading and Writing Development
AED 202 -Child Development

      One learns to speak to express one’s feelings and communicate with others. One learns skills that are vital to the development of literacy during early language development. Reading and writing are essential to help one function not only in school, but on the job and out in society as well. Introduction to reading from an early age helps a child throughout different stages of development as well as of different stages in his or her life.
      The two age groups that I find to be the most interesting would be Early Childhood (two-six years) and Middle Childhood (six-ten years). Even though these two age groups are very close in age, they are very different in physical and mental development. I believe that these are the most important years of development and for learning because these are the years that children start going to school; whether it is preschool or elementary school it is a new beginning for these two age groups. With the help of a child’s teachers and parents a child is able to learn and retain information that is important to their development. Both teachers and parents can help a child’s development in both a positive or negative manner.
      During Early Childhood children begin to learn how to imitate sounds, words, facial expressions, and a multitude of other sights and sounds they see and hear on a daily basis. As a child ages they begin to speak more clearly and begin to understand words and their meaning. He or she will also begin to want to discover their world around them by coloring, doing crafts, and drawing. Most children begin to attend a type of preschool between the ages of three to four years old. Children learn some of the most important lessons at this age; they learn to share with others, make friends, reading, writing, problem solving, as well as many other things.
      Early childhood children do not have a long attention span when they enter preschool. It...