Re: Tent - Landlord Dispute

TO: Prof, James, Roche Sq.
FROM: Anthony Bryant
DATE: October 13, 2014
RE: Tent - Landlord Dispute  

Trudy Tenet seeks legal counsel from Roche & Bryant Attorneys at law to find relief from and put to test: O.C.G.A§ 44-7-13 Landlord's duties as to repairs and improvements, and O.C.G.A.44-7-14.1. Landlord's duties as to utilities.

Statements of facts
While visiting our city and meeting with her new employer, Trudy   found what she thought to be a “great place” and entered into a one-year lease for an apartment with Luke, Landlord. The lease stated that rent was to start on 1, September, with a rent of $1,250 due at the first of each month. Trudy showed up at the apartment on September 1, having already paid the first month’s rent. The moving company arrived after Trudy on the same day. The truck was loaded with her personal belongings, furniture, and work-related materials. Trudy was unable to move in because the prior tenant, Horace Hoarder, had not vacated the apartment. Trudy immediately called Luke Landlord and informed him of the situation. Luke said, “It’s not my problem,” and hung up the phone. Trudy checked into an extended stay motel and had the moving company remove her belongings from the truck which she stored at a secure facility incurring charges for the storage space. The motel cost Trudy $60 per night, and the storage facility cost $50 per month.   Horace vacated the apartment two weeks later but Luke did not advise Trudy when the apartment was vacated; she discovered Horace’s move by visiting the building on her own. Trudy moved into the apartment on September 15.   On October 15, just as the weather began to turn cold, Luke turned off the heat and hot water to the apartment because Trudy did not pay her rent on October 1. Trudy insisted that Luke owed her for the two weeks in September that she was unable to live in the apartment. During her investigation of the lack of hot water, Trudy noticed that the roof leaked. She did not inform...