Raw Essay

Discuss how one of the themes with the text Raw is dealt with through the development of the plot

In the novel the young boy called Brett has many relationship development stages with many key characters. Brett negativity towards Authority has a negative impact on him because he has this negativity he does not have a good relationship towards any father figures.

When Brett is sent to the rehab at the farm to change his ways, when he gets to the farm he meets an old couple sam and Mary. Sam offers Brett a hand gesture but Brett declines and thinks he not going down that easy. When he stays at the farm he finds himself in many different relationships from rivals to friends and even love, When he sees himself as a tough guy he tries to fight with all the other inmates. The is a   facility that is   run by sam for young and troubled boys. Brett rejects it by “just old mcdonald and a couple of geeses” shows that he has no threat over the the and does not believe in it with his statement “as if”. Brett protest against the farm “I don’t want to stay here and I don’t want to follow any rules”. Because of this attitude his relationship with sam is very sour but when Brett goes to ditch the farm and run away he is caught by sam and he offers Brett a lift to anywhere he wants to go but Brett doesn't trust him in the end he takes him up on the offer and hops and drives to the closest town and get to the town but there is no work and he gets and hungry and that night he starts to walk back to the farm. When Brett gets back to farm sam offers him lunch and gave him gesture and I knew you would be back they all come back in the end