Due to the rapture that’s going to go on tomorrow at 6 P.M., some people believe it’s true and are trying to “finish up” their lives while others think those people are ridiculously crazy. It’s said that a giant earthquake would happen just before 6 P.M. A 60-year-old Staten Island resident who is a retired MTA employee said that he spent at least his life savings on 1,000 subway-car placards, and even more ads on bus and subway cars. They all say, “Global Earthquake: The Greatest Ever! Judgment Day May 21, 2011.” It is said that the Bible offers “proof that can’t be dismissed.” Some people are setting their alarm clock just before 6 P.M. to “get ready” for this disaster. Some people said, “God’s people will be resurrected. It is also the day that god stops saving anyone.” Robert Fitzpatrick, the MTA worker, hopes he’s one of the chosen ones. However, there’s doubt in there because most churches teach that if you just believe, you’ll be saved. It’s not “our” choice, but God’s choice.
Harold Camping, an 80-year-old radio host with a poor track record of end-of-the-world prophecies predicted the world would end on September 6, 1994. However, when the sun rose normally the next day, he went back to the Bible to figure out why he was wrong. Many believe this whole thing is a scam. Camping says that May 21st is the Rapture day where true believers will be brought to Heaven, and that will be the End of the World for about three million people. The remaining people won’t be saved by Jesus and will be sentenced under torment for the next five months. On October 21, 2011, it will be the actual date of the End of the World for those who aren’t saved tomorrow.
Personally, I think this isn’t true. If there was going to be an earthquake, the news would warn us about it and to evacuate. Even if people said it was meant to be unknown, the earthquake being described would be able to be detected by the technology that’s been developed in this generation