Rap Meh

you know who this be

yeah son, you know who it is

Verse 1
i told you once, i told you twice,
i'd tell you three times, but i ain't that nice.
so what i'm gonna do, is count to fucking 5.
and if your still around, eyem'a start to let em fly.
one, you better start to get a movin,
two, i told you bitch best get to steppin'
three, your ass is still around me?!
......mother fucker

See we the kings of this town,
and you know this shits true,
If we see you or your crew,
you know were comin after you,
dont worry bout us bein scared of the cops
cuz if they see this go down.
Fred + Bruce/Ralph
Then we'll put them in a box!

Fred + Bruce/Ralph:
We the kings of this town,
and you know thats all bad,
once we see your faggot face,
make your momma all sad
Cuz we'll put you in a box,
Watch us put you in a box!

Fuck puttin em in a box,
ima put em in a basket!
Blow em all up to pieces,
and i'll do it while im laughin!

See my homie Fred dog,
i know he dont give a fuck,
and if you see us fuckin comin,
then you better fuckin duck.

Cuz them bullets made of lead,
i'll be aimin at your head,
and if my shots all fuckin miss,
Ralph's/Bruce's RPG will make you wish,

That my home dog's bullets,
were once in DU state.
So you'd be inside the ground,
Instead dogs eat you like a steak.

Better watch yourself,
when you come around here.
Cuz if you start to disrespectin'
Ima make you disappear.

So i'll tell you one thing,
before we start to make this live,
Ima give you one chance
Fred + Ralph/Bruce
and i'll count to fuckin 5!