Ransom Essay Plan
Topic: Ransom demonstrates that it is a man's choice defines him as a person. Discuss.
  * The idea of a ransom drives the whole plot. The great Priam is a product of an act of ransom; the whole course of his life comes from and is a result of his being a ransom when Hersione, his sister, is given to Telamon as a prize of war. Even his name, Priam, means the price paid.
  * After Patroclus’ death, Achilles has the urge, fill with hatred, to take revenge on his best friend's death in murdering Hector. When the battle ended, Achilles was the victor, in succeeding to murder Hector, however Achilles does not follow the system of leaving the body for the grieving family to bury as an honourable opponent. Instead, inside of Achilles feelings hasn't been lift, the discrimination of Hector putting on Achilles' armour and mocking him, has the need to mutilate the body day after day without any sense of remorse or regret. By continuing of inflicting on Hector's body shows that it will not bring any closure. Achilles felt as if he lost a part of himself, of not knowing if life is meaningful, in having vengeance on Hector's body in brutally savaging it across the stadium, to the point he no longer feels like himself.  
  * Although Achilles drags Hector’s body across the walls of Troy for eleven days, each morning he would return to find Hector’s body healed of any wounds, and absent of any physical damage to his body. His body symbolises how revenge is not the answer to any battle, since dealing with a tragic loss through revenge does not gain anything, but only more pain and suffering that his choice was the guilt of not being a person.
  * Priam is characterised with childish traits. When Somax urges Priam to dabble his feet in the stream, words such as ‘obedient toddler,’ ‘three uncertain steps’ and ‘happy smile’ reflects the actions of a young child trying new experiences. This childish nature is contrasted with Priam’s old and frail age, which...