Ramesses Ii

There are many reasons why Ramesses II was a great leader. Among them are his skills as a warrior I battle as well as a general in the presence of battle. The most important is he was a great builder.

Ramesses II was a good warrior in battle. He fought the army of the Hittites in the ancient battle of Kadesh. As his troops were being ambushed by the Hittite army he was left alone, deserted with enemies surrounding him. He had no officer, no charioteer, no soldier from the army and no shield bearer, all were occupied by the force of the Hittite army. Only with the help of God Ramesses II personally defeated his attackers and was able to return behind Egyptian lines safely.

Ramesses II was also a good army general. Even though he made a tactical error in the first encounter of the battle of Kadesh he led the Egyptians to a successful war. He did so by rearranging his tactics in the second and third encounters of the battle of Kadesh. In the first encounter Ramesses II did not arrange a counter attack for the ambush on the Ra division, but in the second and third encounters he was able to arrange a series of multiple counter attacks leading to the survival of the battle of Kadesh. If Ramesses II did not change his tactics the war would have ended after that one battle with the Hittites being victorious in the end. But due to smart and quick thinking of Ramesses II the general the Egyptians were able to survive and pull off the war with a draw that favored in neither direction.

Ramesses II was lastly a great builder. He built and added to many of the main temples and monuments in Ancient Egypt. Ramesses II created these temples and monuments so they would be an impact on religion and culture and Egypt.   He created the duel temples at Abu Simbel and left a signature trademark on it showing it was his creation with the Ramesses’ colossi. Also created by Ramesses II was the Luxor Temple created from around 1391 – 1351 BC. The Luxor Temple was located in Karnak...