Ralph Lauren Human Resource Management

Ralph Lauren
What began 40 years ago with a collection of ties has grown into an entire world, redefining American style.   Ralph Lauren has always stood for providing quality products, creating worlds and inviting people to take part in our dream.   We were the innovators of lifestyle advertisements that tell a story and the first to create stores that encourage customers to participate in that lifestyle (Lauren, 2012).   Ralph Lauren does business globally through retail and wholesale markets as well as through its licensing.
Human Resources
We believe wholeheartedly that people hold the key to achieving our business objectives and our overall success.   People constute our most important asset.   We offer many exciting career opportunities and are always searching for the most talented people to join our team (HR Department, 2012).
Ralph Lauren has appeared on the Most Admired for HR list for years and was number 18 on the list last year.   A well-conceived strategic plan provides a framework enabling the company to effectively navigate through uncertain and complex economic periods   (O'Brien, 2011).   Ralph Lauren’s leadership team conducts regular surveys.   They use these surveys to provide themselves with feedback regarding employee commitment.
Staffing and Retention
Ralph Lauren employs a large number of people from all walks of life.   They do not discriminate rather will look for competant people to hire.   The numbers of peole employed vary from time to time, depending on the time of year and the season.   To be sure that the required number of employees are on staff management is always analyzing data.   They have to be sure that they have enough employees to cover any changes that occur. It is not just numbers that they have to look at but the individual talents of all the employees.
An inventory of present talent is not particularly useful for plannning purposes unless it can be analyzed in terms of future workforce requirements.   On the...