Raising School Standards

Who wants to spend their lives working paycheck to paycheck? Realizing your living a lifestyle you never imagined because you didn’t know you capabilities? The first step in positively affecting America’s economy is raising the bar in the educational system. Research shows that students who take challenging, college preparatory courses do better in school, even if they started out with poor test scores and low expectations.
School systems should raise the standards because it could better prepare students for their best academic ability. This will give students an opportunity to rise in the world and to rise in their adult life. With a higher demand on academic performances, students will strive harder for what they want rather than settling for less.   Even though a big proportion of students believe that raising standards will cause more trouble than it is worth, I believe that its take some to give some. In other words, It takes effort in order to change.
In order to raise the expectations it should be paired with motivation and persuasion which will result in more productivity of individuals. Sam Walton stated, “High expectations are the key to everything.” If there is no one setting high and realistic expectations, the essential to a successful student is low. Make them feel challenged and proud of being able to graduate with high scores.
Establishing high standards lets everyone in the education system know what to aim for. Over all raising academic standards will give students a greater ability to have a more successful and desirable life. Isn’t this worth the outcome?

In the first paragraph find evidence to support claim then add commentary after ex: ”this proves that”. Do that for the 3 body paragraphs and the 3rd one state the other side of your claim and then state why it’s wrong.

Does the thesis have a topic, opinion, and reasoning?
Is the thesis clear and does the essay follow the thesis exactly?
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