Rainforest and Desert

Comparing 2 Different Habitats

Locations: Rainforest and Desert

Condition of the rainforest: Rainforest is a place mostly covered by trees and water, there are a lot of animals that we haven’t discovered are living in it. Rainforest has an average of more than 80% of rain per year, so it is extremely wet.

Condition of the desert: Desert is an extremely dry place where you are extremely hard to find water from, but when it is the wet season it constantly rains for a few days. A desert is place which is very hot in the morning and afternoon but super cold at night so it is almost the opposite of the desert.

Example of an animal which lives in the rainforest: A red- eyed tree frog
Diet: Mostly insects, including cricket, and other smaller frogs. This is meanly because these are the best options of easiest range of food they can find in the forest.
Habitat: It usually located in the lower land area of the rainforest, where they keep themselves near ponds, streams and rivers because if they are being attacked they can jump straight into the water.
Adaptation: When a red eyed tree frog becomes an adult, it could grow up to 3-4 cm big maximum. This animal is well known for its bright colour, its colour is use for scaring the enemies off and showing that they are poisonous. They use its sticky small feet to climb up the trees and jump from one place to another to catch food to eat “for example”.

Example of an animal which lives in the dessert: A meerkat
Diet: Mostly insects, but also feed on lizards, small rodents and scorpions. These animals are the most common animals you can find in a dessert. They mostly have a dark colour skins because of the heat. Meerkats are a group of clever animals because when they are researching for foods they come out as a group and protect each others if they are being attacked.
Habitat: Meerkats lives in a complex underground world, where the tunnels are connected to everywhere. They either dug or take over from the...