Greene, Tempy
Professor Meade
September 11, 2011
The days as a Silverado Student
Have you ever been to a school that made you feel as if you were walking into a war instead of a campus? Well, going to Silverado High school were African Americans and Hispanics were the minorities and the student population was mostly Caucasian that’s how I felt. The Caucasian students received a lot of advantages than other students.
When I first entered Silverado High I notice that there weren’t a lot of students there that were of my race/ethnicity. I would say about 20 percent of the student were African American, 20 percent was Hispanic, 10 percent was other race, and 50 percent of the students were Caucasian. About half of the 20 percent of African American were biracial but consider themselves African American. What was wired to me and caught me off guard was that each race segregated themselves and stayed only within their own races.   The African American students would stay downstairs joking and talking; the Hispanic students would sit on the tables upstairs talking, and the other students would be in the senior square.
At Silverado High it seems like the guards, principals, and other supervisors would always seem the worst about the African American s students. If there was writing on the wall, a fight, or even an argument the guards would come to us first asking what happen and who did it. I remember an incident were my little sister and another girl was fighting (she was Caucasian) got into a fight, the girl hit my sister first yet my sister was suspended, but the girl only received a warning from the principal. Hispanic have the same issue, if they was to fight I wouldn’t see the Hispanic student, but the next day I would see the Caucasian student. Another occasion I remember one of my teachers telling us if it wasn’t for us kids coming up here from our projects in the hood the school would be a better place. The leaders really didn’t care too much for...