When did the racism in for example America start?
The racism problem began for about 200 years ago. A lot of African people were import from Africa to America. They were used to be slaves for the white people in America.
After a while, the black people got more power and were a part of the system. That made the white people unhappy, because they were used to treat the black people as they wanted to tread them. Not everybody in America hated the black people, but most of them were against them. Some of them made rebellions and they began to found clans like KKK and Nazism. Derek was member of a racism group. He was influenced by their ideology.
How can one person hate another person without reason?  
Racism arises, when you for example hear bad things about other races. When you haven’t contact with other races, and only hear bad things about them, it makes you angry. That’s what happened for Derek. Derek’s father told Derek some bad things about the black people in America, and Derek got influenced.
Rights between the different races have a big meaning too. When for example the white people in America have more rights than the black people, the black people will go against the white people. It’s a reaction that makes problem.
How does racism influence you?
If I went to be a racist, my life would be changed. My way of thinking would be more different than before, and I would be more anti-social. I would always have an anger, which makes my life unhappy and stressful. My psychological and physical behavior would change too. I would be insecure, when I went to a place, where there are a lot of other races. Everything about other races would disturb my life.